Wireless Network Information Assurance

INNOPLEX Can Protect and Secure Your Commercial and Government Networks

We support the development of Wireless Network Information Assurance products for the Intelligence Community and specialize in signals analysis, vulnerability analysis of networks and devices, intrusion detection, and are considered experts in NIST Wireless Policy and Standards for a range of protocols from 802.11 to Commercial Cellular.

Wireless Network Survey - Packet Analysis

• Perform state-of-the-art Wireless Network Surveys at the Physical, Data-Link, and Network layers to determine all security protocols are properly implemented and to ensure no vulnerabilities exist.
• Use commercial products such as Omnipeek and Wireshark to examine individual packets and network topology to determine if unauthorized devices are attempting to access the network.
• Surveys are done completely passive, requiring no network access and therfore cause no perfomance degradation to customer services.
• Conduct configuration management of deployable signal and packet suites to maximize mission success in a covert, non-alerting form factor.

Wireless Network Survey - Signals Analysis

• Use state-of-the-art Radio Frequency (RF) receivers, Spectrum Analyzers, and various analysis software to observe the raw RF spectrum in search of any transmission that could cause interference to a network or be unauthorized transmissions being used to pass sensitive information to unauthorized persons.
• Develop complex algorythms used to conduct automated survey and initial processing of the RF spectrum for rogue energy detection.
• Monitor all RF that could support wireless signals to ensure non-standard technologies arent being used for the purposes of disclosure of information.
• Monitor cellular communications RF spectrum to ensure no rogue or unauthorized cellular technology is active in facilities where these devices are not authorized.
• Monitor for active BLUETOOTH and ZIGBEE technology that could pose a threat to sensitive information and/or information systems.

Secure Wireless Network Configurations

• Consider options of encryption, utilizing VPNs and Virtual Machine environments.
• Utilize a thin-client structure, minimal to no data would be stored on the end user device and the risk of unauthorized disclosure of sensitive information is mitigated by the loss or theft of a device.
• Configure an In Place Monitoring system, such as the FLUKE-designed AIRMAGNET, to ensure early detection of unauthorized users and/or devices attempting authentication into the network.
• Monitor the RF spectrum outside of the commercial bands to ensure no one is using rogue technology to rebroadcast data and/or network transmissions at a frequency undetectable by standard network monitoring equipment.
• Commercial Cellular technology and protocols must always be considered when securing a network.