Our Values

INNOPLEX, formerly Intelligent Solutions for Information Systems (ISIS), was founded following the Seven Core Army Values that Phil, one of our co-owners, lived up to from his career in the U.S. Army. Since the foundation of our company, those values have transformed to include additional values that employees and leadership live by. Our company values include:


  • Investment in our employees and their careers
  • Commitment to our clients and their missions


  • Do what is right, legally and morally
  • Adhering to moral principles
  • Accountability of all employees


  • Consideration of all ideas and perspectives
  • Cultural humility approach




  • Transparency with customers, employees, and leadership
  • Trusted adviser to DoD and IC

Mission Focused

  • Rally around challenging problems
  • Utilizing all resources and perspectives to create solutions
  • Technical experts to drive innovation


  • Community approach to activities
  • Genuine relationships between employees and leadership
  • Commitment to the health and happiness of all team members
  • Belief in sharing our success and giving back