Our Commitment to Inclusion

At INNOPLEX, we emphasize the importance of diversity and inclusion. We welcome everyone into our family regardless of gender, ethnicity, disabilities, sexual orientation, culture, and other ways that individuals identify themselves. We value diversity in our people, their opinions, and ideas because they lead to unique ways of solving problems and challenges. We pride ourselves on our family and community-focused culture. We have an open-door policy that encourages employees to stop by and share their opinions, ideas, or concerns with management. The owners of the company, Phil and Chris, proactively engage with employees to understand employee challenges, work roles, and personal needs and goals. They often bring bagels to off-site employees as a way to engage with employees and provide them the opportunity to share experiences and accomplishments. They also actively communicate with staff to increase transparency between staff and management concerning company activities and new initiatives.



Words Used by Employees to Describe INNOPLEX

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